What are the masks made out of?

  • The masks are made from a premium athletic polyester. It’s comfortable to wear, even during the summer, and acts as a cloth face covering. The mask has 2 layers and a filter can be inserted in between the layers of fabric for extra protection. Filters sold separately.

What is this mask used for?

  • The mask is used as a branded face covering for use by consumers and brands. These are not for medical use.

What?s the quality of the mask?

  • OA Apparel prides itself on producing high quality products. Our mask is made from 2 layers of premium athletic polyester and while we can?t yet claim it?s the most comfortable mask on earth it is the highest quality & most comfortable branded mask we?ve found available on the market.

Are there any refunds, exchanges or a cancellation policy?

  • Unfortunately due to the nature of this product we do not allow refunds or exchanges for any reason.

Where are the masks made?

  • OA Apparel custom masks are made outside the US in countries with warmer weather in mind and those that were least effected by Covid-19. We also go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our products for our employees, and before it leaves our warehouse for our customers. We have a global sourcing network of trusted suppliers that will become more involved in mask production depending on demand.

Is there a place to put a filter?

  • The mask has 2 layers and a filter can be inserted in between the layers of fabric for extra protection.

Who should order these masks?

  • Wearing masks is something that we?re all getting used to and it?s certainly not normal for most of us. By decorating masks with people?s favorite designs we hope to encourage more people to wear masks everyday and be able to do their part to be a part of the solution to this global humanitarian crisis.

Do they fit, are they adjustable?

  • Our masks are one size fits most adults. We?ve tried the mask on many different shapes and sizes of people and have found that they fit very well. They are not adjustable by design but we?ve seen many creative ways that people have used adjusted masks to fit perfectly.

How are the masks decorated? Can you match my color?

  • OA Apparel is a world leader in sublimation. Our expertise sublimating custom uniforms has lent itself well to our sublimated masks. We?re experienced PMS matching for some of the world?s largest brands and understand how important the ?right? color is to you. Make sure to specify to your sales rep your desired PMS color.
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